This is your HandPlan

HandPlan is a secure, hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for preparing for, responding to and recovering from an incident.

The challenge of getting an organization's preparedness, response and recovery plans off the shelf and into a useful, mobile format has been solved. Powerful software drives an intuitive, user-friendly interface which allows organizational staffs rapid access to vital information.

          HandPlan puts emergency information into the hands of those who need it.

User-friendly and user-controlled

HandPlan allows users the ability to manage:

  • Contact Lists
  • Technical Information
  • Drawings, Diagrams & Images
  • Documents & References
  • Hazard Information
  • Response & Recovery Checklists


User-friendly and user-controlled. HandPlan allows users the ability to manage their information; no waiting for a vendor to update your information.  After all, it is your plan.

A management tool

It can store multiple “entities” (be they buildings, facilities, campuses or locations) on a single device. Managers can easily monitor information from many entities.

A planning tool

It contains organizational contacts lists, facility information, preventive checklists and administrative and training records.

A recovery tool

It contains agency/vendor contact information, facility diagrams and restoration and recovery checklists.

Difficult problem, easy solution

Emergency information is entered via a web interface (the “HandPlan Console”). Information is synchronized wirelessly with users’ mobile devices and information is stored on the device. HandPlan is all hazards...all the time©, all data is stored locally on the mobile device and is available to the user, even when there is no connectivity. If a device does not have the HandPlan application, users can still access their information via the mobile device web browser.

A family of problem solvers

HandPlan Crisis Management

Designed for corporate-level crisis management and business continuity practitioners.

HandPlan Stadium/Arena

Designed for management and operational staff of stadiums, arenas and other public venues.

HandPlan School/ College/University

Provides key emergency preparedness and response plan information for college and university public safety, facility and administrative departments.

HandPlan Custom

From hospitals to gaming establishments, public health departments to airports, HandPlan can develop customized products for organizational preparedness, response and recovery programs.

About Us

Ever hear of the term “unified command?" It is the term used by public first responders to ensure that all responding agencies, (fire, police, medical, emergency management, etc.) are working together to resolve the incident.

Ever hear of the term "business resilience?" This is the private sector's term to coordinate its processes and procedures before, during and after a business interruption. Like the concept of unified command, it is designed to ensure that everyone in the organization is working together towards incident resolution and restoration of key processes.

HandPlan has been developed by a “unified command” team of public sector first responders (fire, law and emergency management) and "business resilience" professionals from the private sector with experience in crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery.

The HandPlan team has many years experience with public and private agencies and global corporations. Our goal was to develop a product that was easy to understand and use; can be tailored to an organization; has user-controlled content and has the ability for rapid and accurate information updates. After all, it’s your plan; you should be able to control it!

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While we believe that HandPlan is so easy to use, you’ll need little time to become proficient, below are some items you might find helpful.